Advantages of Dedicated Server

Oxtrys brings an advantageous asset at your disposal in the form of Dedicated servers that give you independence, high scope of scalability, a secure space for your data and information and a sense of reliability. We also offer a wide array of options in terms of Operating systems, RAM, Backup and more that will increase the potency of the server in long term use and allow the user to explore the advantages of dedicated server to their maximum.

The three core advantages of using dedicated server hosting are:

- Control

From hardware to memory space, a Bare Metal server hosting brings everything under one user for exclusive use. This implies a devoted system under one ownership. The user of a dedicated server gets to access the end-to-end server functionalities like CPU, RAM, disk space, bandwidth and such. Unlike in shared server hosting, a dedicated server user also gets access to server logs.

Having control over major aspects of the server gives a user much leg space to create, configure and customize their own software and applications. The freedom to do all this also means a great scope in terms of future growth.

- Flexibility

Having a server dedicated for a single user or purpose give a lot of space for any program within the server space to develop. All the process of software program from creation, configuration to modulation, testing and bug resolution can be carried out seamlessly in one space with the use of a dedicated server.

As mentioned above, having end-to-end control over one’s server hosting proves a great deal of flexibility in terms of user requirements.

- Security 

The primary concern for hosting users is that of privacy and security. While using dedicated server hosting, these concerns fall away as the entire system including server logs are available to the dedicated server user. The non-sharing of resources ensures all data and information is stored on a system under your usage and hence contributes to privacy.

As for security, exclusive ownership means that you will not be sharing your resources with a third party who can be anyone from a normal web host to a potential spammer. Having a dedicated server removes the risk of being affected by malwares and malicious viruses coming in from outside sources.

Every user looking to buy or expand their server is looking towards growth. The advantages of a dedicated server by far outweigh any other server hosting in terms of accommodating this growth by providing control, safety and power to the user. 

Benefits of Dedicated Server

When choosing a server host, one must always take into account the cost and future expansion of their projects, enterprises, organization or any other data and information. This means taking into account the bandwidth, RAM, disk space, storage, backups and such. The best option of server in a case that needs to accommodate the above is a dedicated server because it has multiple benefits with core three mentioned below: 

- Scalability

The growth of any organization or user depends on their goals. It is essential for any business, small, medium or large to look towards their future mission and vision in order to set long term and short-term goals. But to contain this growth, an organization must have sufficient, rather extra virtual space to contain all data and information in a protected environment. 

For such a case, dedicated services are the most beneficial option to consider as they bring freedom to scale in any capacity without any hardware or software restrictions. This contributes to growth.

- Independence

Using a dedicated server means no sharing of server, disk space, bandwidth or even hardware. Having full control over the choices you make from CPU Benchmarks to Operating Systems that you wish to use in your dedicated server brings a certain independence to the work you want to do on the server. A user has complete control over all the aspects of the server which allows them to work on end-to-end processes for any program, application or software. 

- Reliability

Oxtrys provides multiple services to dedicated server users. One of the biggest factors for businesses and individuals to choose dedicated servers is that these systems are highly reliable in terms of safety and security. Having an exclusive usage, ensures that no sharing of walls between malwares and spammers happens. Moreover, the risk of virus attacks is also heavily reduced due to sole ownership of hardware and software that stores all the data.

Moreover, good backup capacity and customer support services for dedicated servers are also a good cause for many growth seekers to choose dedicated servers as their go-to option, contributing to the ‘reliability factor’

With all the benefits of a dedicated server at one’s disposal, there is great scope of exponential growth and an amazing server service by Oxtrys to scale that growth into a profitable expansion.


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